Saturday, March 10, 2012

How to unlock developer mode for free in Nokia Lumia windows phone.[Tutorial]

Here is tutorial about how to register your phone as a developer Phone for free.

1.The main thing is to get a free student account i.e a edu email address.
So here goes,
You need to sign up, Here.
At the signup page, you need to tick,
"I am a new student and have never attended any Maricopa Community College or Skill Centers." this option, then fill in the captcha and continue.

2. Next you need to give personal information, make sure you give your real information,
except thePost code SSN which probably everyone doesnt have, so u can generate a FAKE SSN,
Here, and post code, you could just google up for a post code of "Arizona" or probably any postcode in the US would do.
3. After you finish signup, you will get an MEID, a email, and a password.
Make sure you save all these info with you, in a notepad or sumtin.
Ok now to let you know...that it actually took 3 days to generate the ID for me and few other people so i would suggest you not to get hyper.
Just keep trying to loggin to here till you get in.
Or you could goto and use you edu email that you got during signup to login along with the password.
Once you get access,
4. Goto Here and you need a live account to login with, so you use the live account to which you want to unlcok you LUMIA, duh! :P
Goto get verified,
5. Use school as "Chandler/Gilbert Community College" and state as "Arizona"
6. Now fill out the rest of the information and when it asks for the email address, use the .edu email address from the fake ID.
7. Once your done here, you should get a verification email in your .edu email, so go chek it out there and click on the verification lin , now you have an edu email and a dreamspark account!!
8. Now Create an Apphub account and link it to your Dreamspark LiveId.

a) After Dreamspark is verified, go to App Hub - home register your Windows Live ID and signup as a student. It will ask if you have a verified Dreamspark account.
b) Download the Windows phone developer tools from below.
Windows Phone developer tools..
c) Run the Windows Phone Developer Registration tool. Sign in with Windows Live ID you registered at AppHub, connect your phone and make sure it is not screen locked, viola, LUMIA Windows 7.5 Phone now unlocked. And you can unlock 2 other Windows 7 phones too for a total of 3 phones.


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