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LinsPirat custom firmware for Nokia 5233, 5230, 5800 and X6.

CFW Creator - tintinboss
LinsPirat LTS Rev2 Released for RM-625 (Nokia 5233) (FINAL)
8 March 2012 - LinsPirat LTS Rev2 Beta released for X6, 5530, 5800XM
(Known Issue : 5800 connectivity redirects to main menu. Fix will be provided soon . )

-- Huge Performance Upgrade
-- QT Integrated
-- LinsPirat Music Theme Reworked
-- LinsPirat Plus Pack added with download. Contains All previous LinsPirat Themes and Wallpapers + Working latest Ovi Store
-- New Never seen before Sparkling swipe to answer and new Swipe to Unlock
-- Camera Hardware key fixed
-- Smoother KS
All RMs released
Do post your reviews..

First of all...
I would like to say that this cfw is simply awesme n best cfw i've used ever..

If you are a graphics freak n love your phone to look pretty, then this cfw is what you need..

Now Introducing the "Long Term Support" version of "LinsPirat v1.0"

"LinsPirat LTS" is by no means a replacing version of "LinsPirat v1.0". Simply because they taste different.

Credits :
PNHT Team, Die2mrw007, binh24,mara ,CODeRUS, dan-av , Szakalit ,Doctorly,Jhaorosario,vova and all good modder friends

Before you give it a go

This's not any elementary work either.
Build upon and with ideas and even files from great mods and CFWs (view credits).
Special thanks to Die2mrw007 & Shashwat from Gizmolord for helping a lot every now

- THIS CFW is based on C6v41 Fresh Port by Die2mrw007.


-- Some People claimed that LinsPirat was built upon their CFW, which is of course partially truth as it's built from many hard working modder's Mods and files. Then again, It's been built from scratch (which also is not scratch but  fresh port of C6v41 by Die2mrw007 ) anew to make things clear..
I'd really like to add a lot more person's name in the credit list. I don't remember whose mod is which one and lost track which of those I integrated.


I personally feel that we're not Nokia Guys to build something Individually neither am I professional in making CFWs or charge for them. It's part of fun and hobby. Also the culture's been exploring all the available mods and exclusive inclusions in CFWs and making a good combination to make something tasteful for the flashers around us. So it'd be nice if everyone takes it that way.

Also, I don't crave for credits.

If I like anything- that is appreciation from friends.

I like to give my CFW's a fascinating and professional name That somehow gives me a feeling that I'm doing something BIG lol

Therefore I've added some "COPYLEFT" text in my cfw which reads -

"CopyLeft : tintinboss for LinsPirat LTS
//Anyone is permitted to rework on LinsPirat LTS CFW but please don't use the themes and interface resources...
//I'd be glad if you just mail me your new work link at"

So that I may flash my phone with your CFW once.
Hope everyone gets my point.

Special thanks to

Die2mrw007 from Gizmolord for helping a lot every now and then and supporting me in critical moments... Really great to be with you people .

And Shashwat, thanks mate for everything

And Nikship, thanks for sharing with great style and helping in the threads

Xtreme.Infinity - Thanks a lot for being with me and for having good patience  Also thanks in advance for ports to other RMs

--LinsPirat Music Theme was inspired from giulio7g's HTC Future Anna theme. Thanks to him for wonderful theme.

Whats in it ?

-- Fast and colorful (60mb+ ram at start up , loads of color in LinsPirat theme).

-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Theme!

-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS (Music) Walls.

-- NEW! LinsPirat LTS theme.

-- NEW! 5 LinsPirat Ringers (Personally edited from fav tunes).

-- LinsPirat v1 theme Revamped (will be available for autoinstaller).

-- New! 6+2 LinsPirat HD walls.

-- Music Player Supporting Karaoke with any .lrc (15.2 default).

-- NEW! -- Windows Phone 7 Giant font minified by me! (Have a plan to release giant version in future.)

--  New and reworked ANIMATED LinsPirat LTS bootscreen (mbm file for smooth animation).

-- LinsPirat v1 Theme included - (colorful and with anna pop icons)

--5 Extra equalizer presets.

-- Glossy swipe to unlock.

-- Common good apps cooked within CFW.

-- Rompatcher with proven patches.

-- Personal Server Links.

--Effects : Android Theme effects by nhelske.

ABOUT MEDIABAR : Please read:

The accel swith icon is not for accel switch. Rather it will rotate your screen permanently until you press that again ( WORKS ONLY WHEN SENSOR IS OFF - LOGICAL right?).
We actually need that kinda rotation while browsing the web (lying on bed Tongue) or reading a PDF.
HOWEVER - Accel switch is integrated.

FOR ANY TECHNICAL QUERY, JUST contact google team. I requested Larry Page and Sergey Brin (soul mates Tongue) to provide you with all the information and make your phone bullet fast (choking hazard)
(No pun intended)

Installation Notes:

If you hard reset or factory set your device, please flash again to get the 5 new equalizer preset.

--Use provided UDA (Otherwise you wont get 5 equalizer presets).
--Use v50 core for RM-625 by binh24
--Format memory card from within phone before you give it a go.
--Restart device after first boot.
Thats it.


--For document reading - Piscel Smart office
--RAM management - Ramblow
--Junk files cleaner - x-clear (Python 2.2 needed).

Tips :

TO INSTALL ANY QT : Well though there's a lot qt fixes around, they seem to have conflicts with SmartInstaller.
Here's a fix to install official QT in CFW:
1.Install Maximum Python (google it Tongue)
2. Ignor errors.
3. Install QT (any).
4.Ignor errors
Works every time. Cheesy Cheesy


Install OPERA MINI in C:\ Drive (wont crash )

REV2 Download Section (updated - 9th march, 2012)

Download for RM625  (LinsPirat LTS Rev2 !!!) Fixed - 9th march, 2012
Mediafire Link (LinsPirat LTS Rev2 !!!)
Password for LinsPirat Plus Pack is"tintinboss2012" without quotes Wink

LTS Download Section
5233 RM625

CORE (V50.1.001): Click Here
Core (V50.9.001): Click here
Core (V51.1.002): Click here
5233 RM625 Rofs2 & UDA (Fixed): Mediafire Link     4shared Link

5800 RM356
v60 CORE
Rofs2 & uda - DOWNLOAD
      Mediafire Link

5230 RM588
Core (v51.0.002): Click Here
Core (v51.6.002): Click Here
Rofs2 and core v51.6.002 ported by Help3r > 7-Zip Manager Archive. Double Click to extract Smiley

X6 RM559
CORE (v32): Click Here
CORE (v40): Click Here
Rofs2 & Uda - DOWNLOAD

FOR THOSE WHO WANTS TO REMOVE THE Profile Widget from Homescreen [Removable Profile and clock] add this to your rofs Cheesy
(will be added permanently in upcoming RMs)



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