Sunday, August 28, 2011

Flash Galaxy S2 - Skip the Galaxy Samsung S2 Root mode.

As you know, the blog will now be interested in the shop Android smartphones.

Today, a first tutorial to flash the Samsung S2 Galaxy. .

Here we explain how to modify the firmware of the Galaxy from S2 to I9100XWKDF I9100XWKDA version, version 2.3.3 of the OS to Android Gingerbread.
This is an official firmware and then allows you to have the latest version of Android: Gingerbread 2.3.3. This update seems to delete the "overheating" of the WiFi module

Attention: Before flashing any please save your data.


- Download here Odin v1.85

- Download the Firmware I9100XWKDF

Unzip the downloaded files in 2 2 different folders you name and I9100XWKDF Odin.

Preparing Files:

Now run the software Odin and check the following boxes 3: Re-partition, reboot and Auto F. Reset time.

Then click the box and go for the PIT extension file. Pit where you saved the firmware or for us in "Odin"

Check the box and click on PDA and you choose the file whose name starts with CODE.

Check the box and click on PHONE and you choose the file whose name starts with MODEM.

Finally, finally, select and click on CCS and you choose the file whose name starts with GT-i9100. 

On the way to flash the Samsung Galaxy s2:
Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S II and switch Download by pressing the Volume Down button, and ignition Ok. The Galaxy s2 will ask you to continue to high volume and you are now ready for Download.
Now connect your phone to your pc.
Odin will in principle be recognized immediately and the first box Com Id should appear in yellow.
Got it? Then you press Start and do not touch anything.
Of the message "Pass! "Appear, your Galaxy SII is flashed and you now have the latest version of our go further with your Galaxy S2.

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