Monday, August 22, 2011

WiFi compatible Skype now available for iPhone

skype logo

Skype for iOS has improved again and now we have their new iPhone app officially named Skype Wi-Fi for iPhone. Until now you couldn’t use Skype to make calls with your Wi-Fi connection, that is if you didn’t jailbreak your device. Those of us with jailbroken devices have been able to do so for long time. But anyway now we have the same option coming directly from Skype. With this capability you can connect to any Wifi hotspot anywhere in the world and use your Skype credits to call your friends using Skype or make calls to landlines or cellphones.

It will come in handy especially to people who travel abroad, where roaming charges are often extremely high.
Here are some screenshots of the app in action. This app is available in iTunes App Store and is available as a free download.

Skype is one of apps you simple cant live without. So please when you download it try it out and let us know how did you like it. Also if you have some other app you really like do let us know and we will write about it.

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