Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Download Windows 8 for Free

Microsoft officially released Windows 8 for free download (Developer Preview). This is good news for many of those who have been waiting for updated features and new operating system features. After all, Windows 8 is expected to be a tablet / desktop hybrid OS. Windows 8 will all be much different than in Windows 7? will be an update or not so fresh, similar to Vista? Get Windows 8 hours and meet some new features that the next generation operating system has in Store.

Here are the links for download for Windows 8. There should be no activation or registration required.

All English versions of Windows for now. I apologize to our international readers and subscribers.
As mentioned above, Windows 8 is supposed to be a merger operating  system, with more tablet like features included. Here are some YouTube  videos straight from Microsoft that give some details about Windows 8  development.

Building Windows 8 #1

Building Windows 8 #2

From the above videos, Windows 8 will include the following new features:
  • More navigable and redesigned UI (user interface).
  • Start Screen – Tiles instead of Icons.
  • Improved Snap feature with gestures incorporated.
  • Better on-screen keyboard (touch), with split keyboard for tablets.
  • Improved file system and libraries.
  • Windows 8 Apps.
Aside from those features already listed, Windows 8 is slated to have:
  • Faster boot times.
  • Windows 7 native app support.
  • Improved, built-in Hyper-V virtualization technology.
  • Revamped monitor support.
  • Enhanced security with an upgraded Windows Defender.
  • Better support for non-Intel processors: AMD, ARM, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments.
  • NFC support
In my opinion, Windows 8 will bring a lot of new features, but it will be a lot like a Windows Phone in UI. If you don’t want to download Windows 8 yet, you can get much of the look and functionality of Windows 8, by using Rainmeter with Omnimo.
Windows 8 is also slated to have an App Store, similar to Apple’s Mac AppStore.
I am fairly excited for Windows 8, and aside from the tablet merger stuff, an even more improved Windows Media Center would be a good addition. Windows Media Center is one of those Windows exclusives, that Apple has no answer to, as is Live Writer.
What features do you want in Windows 8? Will you be upgrading, or are you not for all of the tablet UI stuff? Leave a comment!

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