Sunday, September 18, 2011

Opera (10) working on Belle

Since the leak of Belle, and the flashing of it onto the devices of many of our readers, it has been mentioned that Java apps (not limited only to Java), such as Opera, no longer work.

I have succesfully managed to get Opera onto my N8 sporting Belle. Believe it or not, I simply downloaded it from the site. I’m sure there are many readers who have probably already discovered this, but seeing as many of us are still unhappy with the Belle browser (7.4), this is very useful.

The only downside is, this is not the latest version. It is infact Opera Mobile 10 Beta.

I have uploaded the .sis file to Zippyshare. To download click here.

I will also be posting very shortly a list of apps that currently work with Belle and also those that don’t. Along with the list I’ve compiled myself, I’ll update it with information our readers post and also from the thread on New1Mobile9.

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