Sunday, September 4, 2011

Samsung Omnia 7: tomorrow will come an early version of Windows 7.5 Phone Mango

Owners of a Samsung Omnia 7, but especially the more daring and willing to void the warranty of the device, tomorrow will be able to test and install an early unofficial version of Windows 7.5 Phone Mango.
The leaked firmware will be made ​​available to download from Samfirmware, and it is engineering a version I8700XXKH2 numbered and dated in August. In detail it would appear that the RC1 version of Mango for Omnia 7, then not far from the definitive version, but with the possibility that not everything is working properly.

Also tomorrow will also release a new version of the node, numbered and dated April I8700XXKD1: Unlike Mango leaked firmware, this will be much more stable, and affordable for everyone.
For more information, Samfirmware suggest you follow on Twitter, in addition to periodically check their site.

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