Thursday, September 29, 2011

Skype Update for a Whole Wackload of Android Devices

Well it’s about time! According to Skype’s official changelog, their Android app will be adding video chat functionality to over 14 new devices. The update isn”t without its growing pains though, as it looks like Skype is planning to further monetize their burgeoning free service by way of a few ads here and there.

Either way, as one of the world’s most popular video/messaging/free calling services, it’s good to see, and more importantly, it’s good for everyone and especially the new near 600,000 Android device owners being added daily.
I read somewhere a few weeks back that at any given moment, Skype is responsible for as much as 12% of all international phone minutes. That’s no small feat, folks. And it’s only likely to increase unless Microsoft really screws it up.

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