Monday, October 3, 2011

Android: Google Chrome is coming?

The last message appeared on the message board Chromium code is clear: Google Chrome on Android could come sooner than you might think. In fact, it seems quite strange that Google has not integrated its browser with Android but, apparently, this integration is going to happen.

According to the revision log Chromium, all the features of the desktop browser will be released for the mobile version, yet still do not know precisely what the date of issue. In fact, to be honest, the job is really to do much and still not sure if Google Chrome for Android will be available on the market or we'll find it as the default browser instead of the default which is now present on every Android smartphone.
As you understand, is still much uncertainty around the subject, but with every eventuality, will shed light on the matter on 11 October, the date on which there is a conference with Google and Samsung players. Very likely Android Ice Cream Sandwich is the main subject of discussion during the conference, but has not said he does not speak well of Google Chrome for Android. What do you think?

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