Tuesday, October 11, 2011

iPhone 4S, a new Apple record

The criticisms are certainly not lacking for the new iPhone 4S presented a few days ago by Apple that, once again, cut new goals and creates new records. As you can tell at first glance, these new records regarding the new iPhone 4S, despite still ride the wave of technological progress today (many had hoped for more), is talked about a few days after its release. 1,000,000 : this is the number of preorders that Apple has received in just 24 hours after the day on which the new model has been made ​​available.
As many as 400,000 units more than the pre-orders which registered the iPhone 4 in the first 24 hours. It seems almost a paradox: many, in fact, were the critics who were expecting a new design and even a bit more on the hardware side, but the numbers are huge and exceed the most optimistic expectations. The announcement is that Apple is the same, through a press release , leaked the news that is making the rounds on the web at the speed of light.

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