Thursday, November 3, 2011

Apple Releases iPhone OS 5.0.1 Beta, to solve the problem of the poor battery life

Apple released to developers the first beta version of iPhone OS 5.0.1, for the battery drain fixare that affected the iPhone 4 and 4S, and to solve other problems relating to services icloud.

As of yesterday, is available to all developers enrolled in the program developer of a new release of Apple's iPhone OS 5 : This is a first beta version of the numbered minor update 5.0.1 , which goes primarily to solve the problems of lack of autonomy of battery on the iDevice with iOS5.

" We found some bugs that afflict battery life, and issue a software update within a few weeks, "  were the words released by Apple.
Would be different then the problems associated with battery drain of iOS5, but all resolved with a simple software upgrade.iOS 5.0.1 Beta also corrects some problems that are not specified with respect Documents of icloud, and some security bugs. Multitasking gestures also introduced on the iPad.

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