Friday, November 18, 2011

Arrested development of Firefox for Maemo 5

That's it, the development of Firefox Mobile (aka Fennec) is not optimized for Maemo and Android is the prerogative of (since version 7). Indeed, for those who have installed the Mozilla directory for the installation and updating of the application may have noticed that it is no longer reachable (404) recently. Also if you go to the official website, all links to download the mobile version of Firefox referral to a single page or Android is present (for the iPhone, it concerns the version of Firefox Home).

This therefore shows a phasing of the development of the mobile version of Firefox for Maemo (and by extension the Nokia N900). I say this because, in fact, the alpha version ("nightly version") is further developed and available for our beloved brick ... but is by no means a final version called (or production). So installing this version is done knowingly and may cause unwanted crashes on your device. In addition there is no support for this type of release (so it is not clear on how much time will be further updated versions).

For those interested, you can find a list of the alpha version of Firefox here (look for maemo).

Alternatively, you can still count on Opera Mobile has made ​​available (via an update) version 11.5 of its browser for the N900 at about the same time as his counterpart Symbian (but unfortunately not really ad - so we do not know really change, even if we can assume that it looks more or less closely to improvements on other platforms).

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