Saturday, November 12, 2011

IPhone Guide: Power Saving

We try to do some 'of the situation regarding the battery of our iPhone by!

Step 1: Effect of Collective Phobia

You too can be counted among the problems that can afflict the iPhone. In fact, if everyone is talking about these battery problems we tend to consider the battery pessimistic, sometimes forgetting that it is still one of the latest generation of smartphones and thus enabling the battery throughout the day difficult to surpass.

Step 2: Fix to make a battery

  •     Reboot the device: it can sometimes come into play some process that produces battery drain, so a restart every now and then is good for battery and for general consumption.
  •     Charge cycle: the same as Apple recommends, 1 time per month is necessary to make a complete charge cycle, extinguishing of course the phone to recharge.
  •     Recovery: sometimes you need that too. In fact, if we see that the battery problems persist, restore without entering your backup can be used to improve overall performance.
  •     Go to the Apple Store: it can happen that the problem is not software, but the flaw is due to a hardware defect, so the choice apple store is almost obligatory.

Step 3: Measures to be taken to "save" the battery.

  •     Turn off the Syrians: the new iphone 4s, Syrians is definitely a source of consumption, if not using it turn it off is a good thing. To turn it off go to settings => General => Syrians.
  •     Turn Table: Who uses Ping? Ping is perhaps the bankruptcy of the innovations introduced by Apple. If you do not use it go to settings => General => Restrictions => Enable restrictions and turn off Ping
  •     Turn off location: When you do not need turn off the location is convenient because most of the programs once Apple uses open location.
  •     Turn off Notifications: turn off the notifications may seem absurd, but if you need extra support to your battery, turn them off will be beneficial for the entire duration.
  •     Turn off the Widgets in the notification center: the weather widget was also considered by the source of the strong apple battery consumption. So if you do not care to always have the weather in your notification center, you can easily turn it off.
  •     Kill the applications in the background.
  •     Set the length of the car looks to 1 minute.
  •     Turn off extra sounds, such as the "click" keyboard
  •     Turn off EQ ipod
  •     Lower the brightness and do not keep up.
  •     Turn off the Bluetooth
  •     Turn off the Wi-Fi when not in use, but if you can use it instead of the 3G data connection
  •     Turn off 3G in standby (you can not, however, with the 4s)
  •     Set contacts and calendar notes email "fetch" and not "push"

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