Monday, November 28, 2011

Nokia N9, PR1.2 firmware: the first screenshots show an updated UI for the camera, and more

Nokia would be ready to release a new firmware update for N9, the smartphone with Meego. The new update introduces a new interface for the camera application, facial recognition on the Gallery, and some improvements in terms of graphics.

Nokia, in spite of a campaign to publicize the new smartphones with Windows Phone 7 Lumia, is maintaining active engagement with Meego, while continuing to support, as it should be, the smartphone N9 with new firmware updates.
A few days because of release of version PR1.1 , the Finnish brand may soon release the firmware PR1.2 , introducing several new features.

The update improves the application's interface camera in particular, by introducing a dedicated button activation and deactivation of the Flash. The changelog (almost) full reports:

  •     In the Application Management was added a button to more easily manage installed applications
  •     The interface between the hours of camera options for the use of Flash
  •     Also present in video recording the new icon for the activation of the Flash
  •     Introduced a new style buttons
  •     In the Display Settings option in mind the colors of the new profile
  •     The Gallery has a new option for the recognition of faces
  •     The menu options picture shows the new entry "Insert Face"

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