Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pimpy your iPhone RomatHD for iPhone4

New appointment with our "Pimp your iPhone" section focused on issues and changes iPhone4/4s graphics and even 3G. Today I want to propose a new theme for iPhone4 called "RomatHD" created by Jonalo forum member Macthemes .


As we can see  the theme is very nice and some icons of applications such as Maps and Camera are very well made ​​and processed.

The theme has changed and there are 28 icons in addition to classical applications of the system were also modified application icons + Room, Cydia, Winterboard, Installous, BiteSMS, WhatsApp, and Tweetbot BeejiveIM. You can download the theme via this link .


Of course the theme for the iPhone 4 you must have a jailbreak and installed Winterboard. To install the theme you have to copy the downloaded folder via SSH or via iFile in the path var / stash / themes.

In the theme folder you will also find some wallpaper (persempio like in the screen). If you want to use a background or different you just need to delete the wallpaper in the folder.

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