Sunday, December 18, 2011

eBuddy XMS Beta arriva sul Nokia N9!

eBuddy XMS is the main competitor of WhatsApp, the application that allows sending messages to their contacts via the Internet and, at the time, there is a version for Meego. eBuddy XMS, therefore, although it is still in beta could be a good substitute.
The program comes with a graphical accantivante, and with a modern style. The contacts can be added from our book is that those of any one of our Facebook account.

Is also excellent application integration with the system Meego, in fact if we close eBuddy XMS can still receive messages and write to us if someone will come and push notifications as a pop-up messages for both the screen and even in the feed lock screen. Unfortunately, for now, there is no type of notification when we activated the screensaver!

This application is completely free, it is little known even if it is spreading slowly on Apple platforms, and Blackberry Andorid and, still in beta version for Symbian!

If you want more information, visit the official site. For free download click the link below.
Download File: eBuddy XMS Beta
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Data: 17 dicembre 2011

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