Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nokia Symbian Belle Lance To upgrade to v 2.10 (10)

By Nokia Beta Labs Nokia we hear Play To update, the application that allows you to play or view multimedia content (images, videos, music) to a Symbian smartphone on a screen, a TV or an audio player, using a WLAN.

The new release, numbered v10.02 (10) was released only for Symbian devices Belle, and implements some new features, correcting malfunctions of the previous version.


  •      Support for Nokia Fine only, does not work in Anna!
  •      Localization
  •      Improved handling connection from the top bar
  •      homescreen widget to Quickly Set The server on / off (user need to manually add the widget to homescreen)

The application, still in Beta, can be downloaded by clicking the link below, you can find it by accessing more information to this address of the Nokia Beta Labs.

Download File: Nokia Play To v10.02(10) (664.07 kB)
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Data: 28 dicembre 2011

Immagine anteprima YouTube

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