Friday, December 23, 2011

The official app Wind arrives in the Android Market

Finally landed on our official application terminal operator Wind, which provides us with a large number of options to keep you updated on our data and on all offers and options that might be interested.

The app is very comprehensive, graphically simple and readable. Once you've entered our credentials to access the site Wind, in which you must be registered (we can also obtain a temporary code via SMS), a summary will be presented to us with our pricing plan and options, and active promotions.
We can then either keep an eye on consumption (voice, SMS and MMS: shame not tell you how close to the threshold of 1GB No Stop for Internet) that the credit or charge to change your rate plan in consultation with all the options available, divided according to the type for better readability. Finally we find the store closest to us Wind (although in our tests, this function has always given problems), and access to the support section with answers to many common questions.

Defects? First, the lack of a widget to keep an eye on credit options, virtually a must in such an application, secondary loadings were a bit 'slow, so that the box "loading" will make the transition from a company often screen to another. Nothing irremediable, in future updates, however.

Before going to the box with the link for free download you can check out the gallery to see the app with your own eyes.

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