Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Galaxy Notes: V5.1 ROMOW XXL8

Changelog V5.1 ROMOW

  • PDA: XXKL7

  • CSC: XAKL7
  • Android 2.3.6
  • Kernel: AbyssNote v2.6 ( XDA )
  • Theme by ICS mowmo default (Updated)

  • ROOT permissions
  • BootAnimation Nexus S
  • Replace icons phone, contacts, email, browser, messages, settings, camera, calendar, Gtalk, Download Android style
  • Change the icons in the Quick Settings
  • Change the menu icons in power '

  • Added buttons Reboot, Recovery and Power in the Download menu '
  • Replace icons in settings, are now more 'large and legible.

  • Apk Dialer replaced with one modified by me "Dialer-beta2-by mowmo" (the number keys have been changed, now the display is correct)
  • Change icons copy, cut, paste etc.

  • Replaced the text message with the modified apk from me "SMS-beta2-by mowmo"
  • Modified some parts of the theme (now some pop-ups are not black and white, so as to counter more 'lettering)
  • Adding blue Bluetooth icon (thank you  piit79  at XDA)
  • Added libs and bins of Android 4.0
  • Now the camera is operating at below 15% of battery
  • Added Scripts / Tweaks Thunderbolt v2.3.4 ( XDA )
  • Improved management of RAM
  • Fix Camera (This is no longer pink halo)
  • Android animation added 4 ICS
  • Added Tweaks Sony Bravia (photo / video)
  • Overall performance even more 'high
  • Adding the application CWM
  • Change the icons in the menu 'setting
  • Added multi-CSC
  • Improved battery performance
  • Fixed the problem of sound during power
  • Fixed the problem of loop powering up, now you can 'flash and without doing all the wipe first install the v1
  • Swype keyboard removed
  • Removed applications Kies
  • Removed crayonphysics
  • Removed the apk Maps (downloadable from the market)
  • Even more 'fast and stable v5
  • Surely I'm forgetting something

Please note:

The ROMOW v5 is based XKL7 then I recommend you do a full wipe. If you are using a ROM-based backups KJ4 KKA with Titanium or may not be successful or lead to problems of instability '


  • For safety, let the memory of your device running a ROM
  • Download the ROM and put it in the memory of your device
  • Start the Recovery
  • Do all wipe
  • Flash the V5.1
  • Reboot and you're done
PS: The first startup may take a few minutes, so do not worry. If the boot image, but continues to move forward without breaking the loop remove the battery and reboot the device.

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