Sunday, January 8, 2012

Leaked on the net a new RUU for HTC Sensation / XE 4.0.3 with Android 3.5 and Sense. Available new Custom ROM

Yesterday appeared on XDA-test two new RUU (Rom Update Utility) specifications for HTC Sensation and Sensation XE version 3.12.401.2, with the new version of Android 4.0.3. These were made available new Custom ROM perfomanti stable.
A few days after the first firmware leaked online, is available to download a new RUU, version 3.12.401.2, which leads on HTC Sensation / XE 4.0.3 with Android 3.5 Sense interface on a permanent basis and fairly efficient. On XDA are being made ​​available for download, and then ready to be installed, both versions, Sensation and specific for the variant with Beats Audio XE.


    Not XE

    RUU_PYRAMID_ICS_HTC_Europe_3.12.401.2_Radio_11.65. 3504.00U_11.19.3504.29_2_test_233440
    MD5: 069f66c1b74ece940c3c60a114549524

    RUU_PYRAMID_LE_ICS_35_S_HTC_Europe_3.12.401.102_Ra dio_11.65.3504.00U_11.19.3504.29_2_test_233434
    MD5: 0219fbf222df1a4db53271abf93567af

However do not recommend the installation of two direct RUU, whether it's S-S-ON or OFF: remain active despite unlocking the bootloader (in case you did with the Revolutionary tool) after the flash on the RUU, it will install a new version of Radio module, and the new version 1.20 HBOOT specific to 4.0.x Ice Cream Sandwich Android. If you are a downgrade in S-OFF is always possible, but somewhat cumbersome, and riflash an old RUU will not complete restore to the initial situation with Gingerbread. Pay attention to flash then this RUU !

The more daring, geeks, brave or just curious (and of course owners of HTC Sensation root and S-OFF) but may try one of the many custom ROMs already available on XDA. The most recent fact, are already based on the new RUU-Test Leaked, version 3.12.401.2 and as such therefore require the new version of Radio and HBOOT . Android on HTC 4.0.x also brings Sensation / XE a new partition table , to speed up and improve the performance of ICS.

Before flashing one of these new custom ROM then you proceed to flash the new radio, HBOOT, and apply the new partition table. All you can flash via bootloader package containing:

    adsp.img - added to the package and asked for the ROM-based version 3.12.401.2/102
    dzdata_4g.hdr -  removed from the package
    dzdata_4g.img -  removed from the package

This package is not compatible with all HTC Sensation, but with those who have CID :

cidnum: 11111111
cidnum: HTC__001
cidnum: HTC__E11
cidnum: HTC__N34
cidnum: HTC__203
cidnum: HTC__102
cidnum: HTC__405
cidnum: HTC__Y13
cidnum: HTC__A07
cidnum: HTC__304
cidnum: HTC__032
cidnum: HTC__016
cidnum: HTC__044
cidnum: HTC__038

To flash the package "base" and then:

1. Check your  CID  using the command  fastboot getvar cid
second. If your CID is present by default in the list, skip to step 3.
2b. If your CID is not supported and is not in the list, follow these steps: ( at your own risk  )

    Open the file (do not remove it!)
    Open the file android-info.txt with a text editor
    Add your  cidnum: <your CID>  to the list, save the file, and close the file

3. Copy the file on the SDCard (not subdirectories)
4. Open your phone by holding down the power button and Vol Down
5. Follow the instructions on the screen
6. Now you're ready to flash a custom ROM found on the XDA!

Among the different ROM available on XDA I recommend:

    Android Revolution HD ™ 6.0.1
    Ice Cream Sandwich InsertCoin 4.0.8 4.0.3 XE / XE NOT
    Beats & 1O7 OnceICS IceCreamSanwich with Bravia Engine, Senseless

If Flash properly basic package using the Super-CID mode described above, you can downgrade dell'HBOOT and Radio Flash bootloader always charges the two zip packages (all found on XDA).

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