Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nokia N950 Meego Harmattan PR1.2 : The changelo complete and new screenshots

 Nokia N950, the Developer Edition of Nokia N9, received in an official update to PR1.2 Harmattan, the new update of OS Meego. Among the most important points is the integration and support with Dropbox folders.
The Forum Nokia Developer officially released the updated version of wing PR1.2 "Harmattan" of the Nokia N950 Meego, the smartphone developer edition, the companion of Nokia N9. The update, which will then also short on N9, brings many bug fixes, as well as the most important novità.Tra relevant report is the integration of the system with the Dropbox online storage service, and support for folders on the homescreen (with an implementation very similar to IOS).

Here's the full changelog:

  •     New languages ​​(Persian, Hebrew, Kazakh, Thai, Vietnamese)
  •     Notifications of software updates in the Nokia Store
  •     Facial recognition in the gallery and in the Facebook photo tags
  •     Support for folders in the homescreen
  •     Global search in Mail for Exchange
  •     Support for viewing conversations in your email client
  •     Expanded support for copy-and-paste
  •     Via DLNA Media Sharing
  •     Improved display of history in the browser
  •     Support compass Maps
  •     QtWebKit update to version 2.2
  •     New fonts
  •     Support the front camera
  •     Support editing the video in the Gallery

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