Friday, January 27, 2012

Nokia Q4 2011: Over one million Lumia Windows Phones sold to date

Nokia has released the operational results of the fourth quarter of 2011 and among the many figures in the prospectus also provided a brief indication of sales of new devices in the series Lumia.

Well, by mid-November, the date of the launch, Nokia said it sold over 1 million units of Lumia 710 but above 800.

One thing not too exciting but not disappointing, especially when you consider that the marketing has been only a few countries in the world and for the Finnish company's operating system Microsoft is a novelty.

Although competition in the smartphone market is agguerritissima, Nokia has shown that it can still have great potential to return to being the star of this sector and is convinced that with the new strategy developed in collaboration with Microsoft will be able to get great results, long-term .

So we are only at the beginning of the rebirth of the Finnish giant and launch of new devices Lumia bode well, despite the prospects for the future are full of uncertainties, also due to the global economic crisis that is leading to an overall decline in consumption.

Nokia will soon lead the series Lumia in China and in Latin American countries, after the launch of in the U.S. market Lumia 900,and the sale of 800 and 710 in Europe, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Singapore, South Korea and Taiwan . In addition, as reported in this article, will be launched in May two new devices in the series Lumia.

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