Friday, January 6, 2012

The Touch also on Galaxy Nexus Recovery

If you own a Samsung Nexus Galaxy and love modding the custom recovery definitely will be your "playmate", as we know now must stress the volume keys to select multiple files to flash which is quite inconvenient if you have to find a package in a long list of folders, but once again on XDA have found the solution bringing the Touch Recovery even on the last Google Phone .

The touch recovery already available in beta 1 introduces four low-key, which recall those already in the Nexus operating system, through which you can move more agile between the flash file.

For those who want to try this recovery just follow these simple steps:

    Download TouchRecovery
    Copy the img file in the folder SDK / tools
    Move it from the command prompt / terminal in the directory specified above
    Give the commands:

    adb reboot bootloader
    fastboot flash recovery cwm_touch_beta1_toro.img

For more information or to follow the development of the project, I refer you to the discussion of dedicated XDA  , followed by a video showing the operation of the recovery for GNexus touch.

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