Thursday, February 23, 2012

ROMOW V1 Android 4.0.3 by mowmo

Introducing the first Android-based ROMOW 4.0.3 Notes for the Galaxy

  •     PDA: XLP1
  •     PHONE: XLP1
  •     Base Android 4.0.3
  •     Root Permissions
  •     Deodexed
  •     Nova Launcher
  •     Gapps_7.1
  •     Icons Contacts, Camera, Phone replaced with ICS
  •     Theme modified (by mowmo)
  •     Boot image of the Galaxy Prime
  •     Fix for almost all applications Samsung

Known issues:

  1.     The SMS application does not work. I recommend using GoSMS or other downloadable application from the Market (Below is attached the FIX to the SMS application)
  2.     The Fix finziona of satellites with the data connection / Wi-Fi
  3.     Opening the Contacts / Phone is a bit slow (I think the cause is syncing with Facebook app)
  4. The ICS ROMOW V1 is very stable, I'm testing a couple of days and I had no problems. I guarantee long battery life

From the screen below you can 'see autonomy. As you know the "state of the battery" on Android 4 does not work so well. Pictured is written that the phone is switched from 6h 57min. Not so the device is disconnected from the charger for more 'than 12 hours and as you see they are still at 64% charge (UMTS always connected with many sync app)

The ROM is still in a "Beta", other versions will be released as always delivering the highest ICS ROMOW


  •     Download the ROMOW and insert it into the device
  •     Reboot into Recovery
  •     Do a FULL WIPE (recommended)
  •     Flashate the ROMOW
  •     Reboot

FIX for the application for MMS and GAPPS (recommended).

Download the zip and flashatelo through recovery. This procedure will fix 'some problems with the Google app and the problem of the SMS

FIX Gapps & Mms
(1,8 MB)

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