Saturday, February 25, 2012

Samsung Galaxy notes

The generous dimensions of Samsung Galaxy Notes have always been divided Android users, and not only about the real need to have a display so large that it not be safer to have a tablet or a smartphone.

In our review , in which only displays the time he earned a 10 for the convenience of the stylus, we wrote:

The smartphone is perfect in all its facets [...] if it were not for the generous dimensions that limit portability. At this point you just have to choose whether your smartphone is too big or not to be taken with us. Resolved this doubt, the Galaxy notes, worth the purchase.

So a great smartphone with a huge screen not suitable for any type of user. But as a smartphone must first be a useful tool for anyone who buys many have wondered: "What can I do with a smartphone so great?".

In a very ironic there are those who brought the Galaxy Notes as a TV or as a scorekeeper for the basketball game. For what is "good" your Notes Galaxy?


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