Wednesday, February 22, 2012

ZTE Mimosa X with Tegra 2, Ice Cream Sandwich and modem nVidia Icera

If everyone thinks only about nVidia Tegra processors, but rather the Mimosa ZTE boasts another first: being the first mobile chips which are all branded nVidia and not just speak of CPU and GPU, as you probably know.

Alongside the now prehistoric dual-core Tegra 2 we find a modem Icera 450 HSPA + which basically manage the connections of the phone.

Icera is a company acquired by Nvidia last year that has quickly become the industry development and design of the modem, thus making the company Jen-Hsun Huang increasingly independent, the CEO of Nvidia has indeed promised that we will also see a LTE chips this year.

Do not be fooled, however, from the image above: what you see is but a Gingerbread Ice Cream Sandwich customized by ZTE, who also wanted to leave the keys on your touch, a choice that we feel we really do not reject it altogether, because we find them objectively comfortable than even a solution with only virtual keys on the Galaxy as Nexus.

The rest of the specifications speak of a 4.3-inch QHD display (960 x 540), with 4 GB of internal memory and a 5 megapixel camera. Nvidia speaks of him as the first mobile Tegra Zone "mainstream", so we expect an aggressive price when the Mimosa X will debut in the second quarter.


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