Saturday, March 10, 2012

Chainfire brings a new super user in the app store Play

In its long history, the Market has often offered a multitude of different applications all but vote for the same purpose, however, was not the case of the app Superuser , that virtually anyone with a phone with root permissions to ensure them to use various app who request them. Chainfire breaks this monotony with a brand new application with many useful functions in more.

Super UP, this is its name, is divided into two versions, free and paid (1.99 €) and brings a breath of fresh air in a field that could easily be expanded, it will free the APA:

  • Request to grant root permissions
  • Storage permits
  • Notifications have root access (configurable for each application)
  • Unroot temporary
  • Identification of all processes
  • It works in recovery (no more segfault)
  • It works because Android is not properly initiated
  • Works with non-standard positions of the shell
  • Does not impede the connections via ADB
  • Always turns into ghost mode (and wakes up on request)

The Pro version provides more:

  • OTA survival mode (there are no guarantees, but the app, and then root permissions, should remain even after an update)
  • Log Color command (input / output / error)
  • Configuring the log for each app
  • User override for each app
  • Protection with PIN 
Download : SuperSU
Download : SuperSU Pro
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