Friday, March 2, 2012

Firmware for Nokia Lumia 800 : Camera update with panorama, sport mode, self timer and smart group shot

Navifirm is available on a new firmware for Nokia Lumia 800, of the Finnish Windows Phone: The update further enhances the autonomy and battery management, and quality of photos taken by the camera.

Nokia is about to release a new firmware update for its jewel, the Lumia 800. The update, available now on Navifirm, should definitely fix the problems that plague the battery and the poor quality of the camera.
Best autonomy then in idle mode, or with processes running in the background, and new features in the camera, which will improve the quality of the photos. In particular, the Camera will present the new features:

  •     Smart group shot
  •     Landscape
  •     Action
  •     Self Timer

The update will likely be made available within a short on Zune.

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