Thursday, March 15, 2012

Google Earth is updated to version 6.2 with many new features [VIDEO]&[DOWNLOAD]

Google Earth has received from a few hours a new update on the Play Store, which leads to the version 6.2 release bringing new features integrated in the application as dynamic zoom and important innovations concern the gallery that now also offers additional display modes.

  • Gallery of Earth: A list of maps, such as earthquakes in real time, hiking and city tours.
  • Tour: tour of the gallery loads the Earth or the levels.
  • Share the current view of Google + Gmail or other applications.
  • The zoom is not relative to the center of the screen, but is based on the point touched.
  • Ability to launch Earth KML files with other applications.
  • Support for Earth Builder.

As reported in the changelog finally zoom to be used throughout the display area, coming social networks that allow sharing of the places we display and the gallery has been enhanced with additional features such as real-time reporting of earthquakes and very another.

Finally it was finally implemented support for Earth Builder service launched by Google almost a year ago used to enter and retrieve geospatial information in the maps to use for your business. Once created, the spaces will be placed on Google servers and through the cloud can be shared; feature especially useful to large companies who need to analyze large sets of geographic data.
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