Saturday, March 17, 2012

Google Play Store Version 3.5.15 download now

Some users of Android smartphones would be lucky now to receive updates for the Google Play Store 3.5.15 (formerly Market, difficult to do there!).

As a reminder, the current version is Play Store 3.4.7, at least on the Galaxy Nexus. With this new edition, the user will find, in addition to the usual bug fixes, some new tabs in “My Applications”, allowing a wink to view all the apps downloaded from the associated account and a second tab that displays apps to date (in addition to there already).

According to Android Police, some native applications on the device were not related to the Play Store in its new version, in fact, when you install this 3.5.15, you’ll get some updates of apps waiting stock patiently to be “linked”.

Last thing, this version adds, as the web version of Store, the mobile person in critical apps. In addition, you now have some new filtering options, including “Show the most useful criticism first.”

For the impatient, you can download the apk file from here


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