Monday, March 12, 2012

How to force update of the firmware 12070 for Lumia 800.[Tutorial]

Pending that Nokia releases the update the update here in Italy, capable of improving the performance of the many things the camera and the battery, through a simple step we can now force the installation of this new firmware revision numbered 12070 on our Lumia 800. The procedure is simple but not without risks.

These files and software are required:

    The latest version of Zune
    The WP7 update tool
    The WP7 update cab sender tool
    The update file
    Software that supports the opening of rar archives

Instead this is the update procedure:

    Set up a sync relationship between Zune and Lumia800
    WP7 update tool from the archive, install the update WP7 tool by running the "Setup-UpdateWP-XXX.exe" (xxx will be replaced by the version of Windows installed, 64 or 32bit). The installation screen disappears without warning after the installation
    Extract the contents of a folder on your PC Now you will have two folders and a batch file named "WP7 Update Cab Sender"
    Copy (NOT extract) updating software. Cab in the same folder where the batch file
    Connect the PC to Lumia, leave and then close the Zune sync the phone without disconnecting
    Run the batch file "WP7 Update Cab Sender". In the shell prompt, type "S" to continue
    Wait for the complete upgrade (about a 10 minute wait)

The update does not lose data stored on the phone but can void the warranty. We accept no responsibility.

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