Wednesday, March 14, 2012

how to use Facebook via your keyboard

Long ago, how-to-Geek put together a handy list of keyboard shortcuts that simplify the navigation of Facebook almost totally eliminating the use of the mouse or trackpad.

Last month, Cnet has added more tips to the list, allowing users to know which were the key identifiers to be used depending on the browser and operating system.

Here are some interesting shortcuts that you can use while browsing on Facebook:

When browsing photos, as you may have noticed, you can use the arrow keys to move to a different picture. But another shortcut interesting is the possibility of putting the "like" just click the letter L. Unfortunately, the link does not work with Facebook messages, or images that are not open in lightbox mode.

For Windows:

Firefox: Shift + Alt + number
Chrome: Alt + number

For Mac:

Firefox: Control + number
Chrome: Control + Option + number
Safari: Control + Option + number
Hotkeys (the numbers):

1: Home
2: History / Profile
3: Friends
4: Messages
5: Notifications
6: General Settings
7: Privacy settings
8: Facebook Page
9: Legal Terms
0: Center
m: New Post
? : Search

Have you tried the shortcuts? Let us know if they work, but especially if you find most useful of the classic mouse.

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