Saturday, March 10, 2012

iOs 5.1 improves the battery life of iPhones 4S

One of the most important expectations for those with the new iPhone 4S, it was improved battery life, and although it seems that this is far better, because according to preliminary returns, strong majority of people with an iPhone 4S and has made the upgrade to IOS 5.1 note a significant improvement in battery life of iPhone 4S.

This positive impact is also reflected by a lower consumption of energy from the battery, causing it to run cooler and therefore preserves better in time.

Some people will even announce a battery that has doubled! Awesome thing! For my part, my iPhone 4S is a day with the battery charge, there are plenty of good use for 3G email, tweaks, Twitter, weather, geolocation ... but it's true that one day it ' is not! As with the iPhone 4, I had a range of at least two days, this is a factor of two difference! Impressively for a change! Blame the processor? Nobody really knows ... Apple had tried to correct the problem with the release of IOS 5.0.1, but this had no effect. So finally a solution with this new iOS 5.1?

And you what do you think of this new IOS? Have you been improvements with the new IOS 5.1 on your iPhone 4S? If so, share your reactions in the comments!

So one question remains, why did Apple marketed it an iPhone 4S, nine, with an IOS as power hungry?

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