Friday, March 9, 2012

Released build 7032 Gravity 2:50

A great demand janole the developer has finally (re) updated Gravity, a Facebook client, Twitter, Foursquare and Google Reader for Symbian. The newly released Build 7032 is numbered and is part of version 2.50 of the same application.


  1. In preview mode images, with a Swype right / left you can see all images
  2. In Foursquare account is displayed in the preview last check-in
  3. Improvements to "pull down to refresh" (S60v5 and S ^ 3 / Anna / Belle)
  4. The folder "Important" has been removed from Twitter Accounts
  5. When retweetta, the cursor is positioned before the retweets for a better editing
  6. Several Bug Fixes
  7. Improved performance and stability of the browser (S60v5 and S ^ 3 / Anna / Belle)

Gravity 2.50 Build 7032 is available for download from the official mirror .

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