Friday, March 9, 2012

The tethered jailbreak devices iOS 5.1 is available! (Except processors A5)

Jailbreak iOS 5.1! The team of hackers has indeed updated its famous redsn0w jailbreak tool which now passes 0.9.10b6 version and provides compatibility with devices running IOS 5.1.

The Dev-Team has actually indicate MuscleNerd through the jailbreak iOS 5.1 is now possible (always with the fault highlighted by Geohot). However, the hacker also states that there are certain conditions:

  •     This is a tethered jailbreak, ie it requires you to connect your device to a computer when you want to restart.
  •     The jaibreak is only compatible with devices not equipped with an Apple A5 processor. Therefore incompatible iPhone and iPad 4S 2.
  •     The owners of iPhone 3G old bootrom benefits for their untethered jailbreak.
Cameras with an A5 processor will no longer be downgrader (to iOS 5.0.1 or earlier) if they are passed in IOS 5.1

To obtain a more stable jailbreak, you should wait for the release of a jailbreak untethered in the coming weeks. If however you want to jailbreak your iDevice iOS 5.1, here's how:
  • Update iTunes to version 10.6
  • Update your device iOS version 5.1
  • Download redsn0w 0.9.10b6:
         For Windows: download
         For Mac: download

  • Then follow the installation procedure of redsn0w.(You will find a detailed tutorial on this Article in case of problems) Below

The tethered jailbreak of IOS 5.1 causes a malfunction of the iBooks. It was not until a new update to correct this redsnow.

For those of you wishing to unlock their device, be aware that an update to ultrasn0w should be available soon. It does count but no new baseband will be compatible with IOS 5.1. The untethered jailbreak will probably some time in coming, but welcome the very good performance and responsiveness of the Dev-Team!

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