Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Belle Multimenu V1.4.1 Unsigned - Free Download

Features :
- Rearrangment for your belle menu
- All new installed apps will go automaticly to their correct folder
(or to applications folder if unknown to their included applist)
- All folders have been translated to english, you must rename them yourself to your language
- Easely install other menu structures without flashing
- Uninstall will get you back to the default menu arrangement provided by your firmware
- You can choose out off 15 different menustyles to give your belle a menu that fits your needs

- Unsigned so this works on unhacked phones also, but only if you can sign this file or if you add a hacked installserver.exe to c:\sys\bin\ (search modding section for help)
- Menufolders created by Contrinsan will always look the same, a theme can't change it ;-)
- Did i allready mention that every Contrinsan folder can be deleted if not needed ?
Install notes :

* Select only 1 (ONE) option from 15 menu options in the options menu
* After every install you must restart your phone to get the settings running
* It's best to uninstall the previous menu before you install a new menu (but it's not needed to make it work, you can install every (even when updated updated) menu over an other and restart to get the new settings running, but the old menufiles will not be removed until you install that menu & uninstall it)
* If you want a backup from your own menu before you install this app, go to
-> c:\private\200113dd\content\ and copy matrixmenudata.xml to a safe place for putting it back later if needed

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