Friday, April 13, 2012

Install Microsoft Office 2.0 in the external memory

Yesterday he announced the arrival of the new package of free applications from Microsoft for almost all Symbian belle, some users were quite upset that N8 were not included in this update because your computer has enough memory to install this update over 60 MB, but today we bring you good news.

Downloading files below, you can install Microsoft Office without any problems in your Symbian Nokia devices directly to your memory Belle EXTERNAL without losing living space in C.


The first file you can install in memory extern, it brings v2 Microsoft Office Mobile Suite which has Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Lync addition, Broadcast PowerPoint and OneNote. These applications are fully functional so you can view and edit office files.


SuperScreenshot0116 SuperScreenshot0117

The second file (PixiEnabler) brings the new version of e-mail client with their Widgets and integration with Mail for Exchange ActiveSync and the new source for Microsoft applications, this file is optional but if you want to install memory install C. Internal The installation of this file takes about 15 minutes and must be online to be downloaded all components.

microsoft Office Mobile Symbian

To install these applications need the Belle Classic Edition Symbian or otherwise you can not install any of these applications in the external memory. Enjoy!

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