Sunday, April 22, 2012

Microsoft registers a patent on the phone with dual display

For some time the design of the smartphone seems to have focused on common lines for all producers and the candybar touchscreen dominates the market now. While we await the flexible screens for a real revolution, Microsoft has filed a patent for a device with two displays, one on the front and one rear.
The idea of ​​Redmond is to use as a second display a screen with low energy consumption as an e-ink, for example, so as not to tire too the battery and be able to choose to switch information on one of the two screens of the second ' use electronic ink to read, watch, and a logo from "off", a traditional display for other series. Among the ideas reported in the patent registration also includes the ability to display a countdown on the back to signal to the subject when the picture is taken. The Nokia Gem approaches?

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