Thursday, April 26, 2012

Nokia India Store Huge Price Drops

Here’s a nice boost for all Symbian users out in India; Apparently there have been some HUGE price drops on almost all applications. I’m not sure about the extent of these price cuts but from my twitter feed
it seems to be a serious price buster issue. Story source and a minor rant by CJ over here: @UnleashThePhones-

If anybody in the Nokia Store team is reading this, as a user even I have to admit this you are giving away stuff at less than dirt cheap prices! You will only alienate developers with such a pricing strategy. The previous pricing of Rs.25 for Level 1 wasn’t expensive either. I would call that price cheap & affordable as well. If volume & penetration in the Indian market is what Nokia is after, then they are missing the hurdle here. The biggest obstacle for the Indian users today to buy apps from the Nokia Store is the lack of payment options. As of today, the only options to pay in the Nokia Store is credit cards and Operator billing on Reliance’s network. Reliance has one of the smallest GSM userbases in India, and the credit card availability is nothing to talk about. Nearly every friend I talk to is ready to buy an app, but doesn’t have a credit card. So you want to make your users pay for the apps? Allow them to pay via Operator Billing. Also, why aren’t Debit cards supported for payments? You are trying to solve the problem in a completely wrong way.

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