Friday, April 13, 2012

Nokia Lumia 800: the community is taking its first steps to change ...

In the forums of Xda-Developers recently found a good discussion on access to the "DISK MODE" Lumia of 800.

Booting the terminal with the key combination Volume Volume UP + DOWN + Power, Windows Phone by Nokia comes in fact a kind of diagnostic Qualcomm menu through which you can view, edit and delete data in a unit of about 146Mb.

The partition itself contains very important files:

  • ADSP.MBN is the DSP firmware
  • AMSS.MBN is the modem
  • EMMCBOOT is the bootloader of the phone while EMMCBOOT.mbn is the loader of Windows Phone 7

The project would bring, of course, boot multiple operating systems on Lumia 800, offering the chance to flash even Android. We will keep you informed!
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