Friday, April 20, 2012

Nokia Lumia 900 vs HTC Titan II [Video]

Continuing the series of videos comparing the Nokia 900 with Windows Phone Lumia, against several other high-end smartphones, the PhoneArena has recently published a comparison video from the HTC Titan II, also with Windows Phone, it is worthwhile to see how both behave for further analysis.

My points:
- The display of both are huge, but the Titan II may please those who prefer more devices with large screens, with photos and videos, I found the 900's Lumia sharper with better contrast.
- The difference between the screens is small.
- The design of Lumia 900 still leaves me enchanted, no smartphone launched this year, attracted me so much in design as the Nokia phone that follows the lines of N9 and Lumia 800, but larger.
- As for the camera, do not know if Carl Zeiss lenses can influence, but the HTC points out, has twice the megapixels (16 MP vs. 8 MP), I know the image size is not always quality, but we can not talking about, I have not seen how good the camera from HTC, will check soon. Both have a dual-LED flash as well.
- As you'd expect, both have top navigation, expected Windows Phone.
- Exclusive Applications from HTC are somewhat interesting, we must see them, the services of Nokia, like any integration with GPS, are known by all and we know this is a pro.

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