Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Nokia sw 603, 701 Update version 112.10.1404

To my surprise this morning my nokia 603 has received a fw update numbered 112.10.1404 via sw update the application.

The firmware should be the famous beautiful FP1 date numbering v112.10.404! As regards the changelog should be the one announced by Nokia a few months ago and that is:
-Dolby ® Headphone and Dolby ® Digital Plus
-About 20 new widgets
-New version of the browser, faster and with support for HTML 5
-The last version of Nokia Maps
-Microsoft Apps
Improved notification-Barre
Bara-enhanced multi-tasking
-Overclocking 1.3 ghz

Here are the available product code:
 059K344: apac1_bd_white
059K2Z4: apac1_id_black
059K313: apac1_id_white
059K347: apac1_lk_white
059K2Z1: apac1_my_black
059K311: apac1_my_white
059K310: apac1_sg_white
059K318: apac1_thai_th_white
059K2Q4: balkans_black
059K2Q6: balkans_gr_black
059K3J4: balkans_gr_white
059K2V4: balkans_white
059K2P9: baltian_black
059K2P3: euro1_at_ch_white
059K2P7: euro1_benelux_black
059K2Q9: euro1_benelux_white
059K2P8: euro1_de_black
059K2R0: euro1_de_white
059K2N8: euro1_fr_black
059K2P4: euro1_ie_black
059K2Q5: euro1_ie_white
059K2P6: euro1_it_white
059K2P2: euro1_mt_black
059K2Q0: euro1_mt_white
059H6J6: euro1_uk_black
059H755: euro1_uk_white
059K2Q3: euro3_cz_hu_pl_sk_black
059K2P5: hispania_es_pt_black
059K2Q7: hispania_es_pt_white
059K332: india_black
059K358: india_white
059K300: mea_i_mea_12_white
059K2T5: mea_i_mea_13_black
059K301: mea_i_mea_13_white
059K2T6: mea_i_mea_14_black
059K302: mea_i_mea_14_white
059K2T7: mea_i_mea_15_black
059K303: mea_i_mea_15_white
059K2T8: mea_i_mea_16_black
059K304: mea_i_mea_16_white
059K2T9: mea_i_mea_17_black
059K305: mea_i_mea_17_white
059K2R3: russian_by_black
059K2R4: russian_by_white
059K2R8: russian_cis_black
059K2W1: russian_cis_white
059K2R9: russian_kz_black
059K2W2: russian_kz_white
059K2R6: russian_md_black
059K2V8: russian_md_white
059K2R2: russian_ro_rg_white
059K2R1: russian_ru_black
059K2V6: russian_ru_white
059K2S1: russian_tr_black
059K2W4: russian_tr_white
059K2R5: russian_ua_black
059K2V7: russian_ua_white
059K2W3: russian_uz_white
059H756: scandinavia_white

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