Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dukto R5 is updated on Symbian

After the updated version of PC and Linux finally updated to version R5 also app for Symbian!

 Graphics totally improved! Identical to version R5 to computer, which is very Windows Phone: neat and clean, Metro-style tiles with animated ... well now Dukto is aesthetically perfect app!

 A big job for an app that basically allows you to transfer files brilliant (but also text messages) between connected devices under the same WiFi network: it becomes almost useless to create traditional
Scr000042 225x400 Dukto R5 is updated on Symbian!
The green tube has hit the mark thanks to the ability of Emanuele Colombo!

 You can download it for free (or upgrade if you already have) from Nokia Store .
I do not know if the versions for Symbian ^ 1 have been updated to R5 (I have to control devices), should let us know!
The computer version found on the Official Site

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