Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Google Maps goes to version 6.7.0: get directions on foot and 360-degree views

Google Maps has expanded from a few hours to version 6.7.0, an update aimed primarily at the United States but that brings additional improvements and features that will soon be extended to other countries. Primarily the changes apply Google Offers which is now integrated within the application and allows for viewing the vacancies available in the vicinity of the user (only for U.S.).

  • Discover offers Google Offers near the United States.
  • Directions on foot indoor (Beta) for Japan and the United States.
  • See 360 ​​degree panoramas of interiors of restaurants and shops.
The other two upgrades have pedestrian navigation in commercial facilities and restaurants where you can now get directions and a 360 ° panoramic view. As already said for now, the main feature only concern the United States and Japan, but being in beta, soon we will see the introduction of new countries and also information translated into our language.

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