Saturday, May 12, 2012

MrAlshahawy CallGuard v1.02 - Free Download

Call Guard prevents accidental disconnects and mutes during a phone call.
It covers the buttons with semitransparent dialog, which can be removed with a single finger swipe, when you want to mute or disconnect for real.
Supports auto-start and hiding from tasks list.

Retail ene49 CepTeam.

1. Vibrate when out call answered:
This option reduces the amount of time of having the mobile phone on your ears, by playing a vibration when your call is answered.
2. Fixed the bug on Nokia E7 devices, when opening / closing the keyboard during the call, which causes the 'Semi Transparent' cover to be on wrong position.
Click below to Download:
MrAlshahawy CallGuard v1.02

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