Sunday, May 6, 2012

Update: Borg for Symbian updated to version 2.3

Borg, one of the best facebook client, upgrade to version 2.03.

  • New tiled front end
  • Timeline function lets you retrieve data feeds at the time selected, eg select 1 Jan 2012 and you get the feed as it was THAT DAY ...
  • Big UI revamp - the main menu is now always accessible on demand by main toolbar bottom middle button so you can access to features raised easily without closing current activity
  • Integrated navigation on Nokia Maps Drive Each node location
  • Facebook Inbox and Chat now available
  • Emoticon supported on reading messages
  • All icons are dynamically retrieved and cached from ... very soon, other sets of icon will be available on the Settings menu, eg not only Facebook but Nokia standard icons style icons, or a third party icon set designed and emoticons
  • The upper right switch on Each list lets you show only tagged items
  • Items can be tagged by a popup Toggle tag
  • Tagged friends are added to check in automatically, ie you have to tag friends in the list to get them added on check-in

You can try the free version (with banner advertising material)  HERE , if you like you can download it at the price of 2 € from  STORE .

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