Saturday, May 5, 2012

Xeon S ^ 4 version 3.2 is available

Xeon has released a new version of the CFW Xeon S ^ 4 , the new version is numbered 3.2. Please note that the CFW is based on firmware version 111.040.0904.
Changelog: S ^ 4 Xeon 3.2 EN / EN - 05/05/2012
Fix Photo-Video-Editor
-Improved responsibility and system speed
-Better management GUI
-Fix USB connection (EN version)
-Fix Creating Preset equalizer
Remote Lock-Fix
-Fix language selection in EN Xplore
Guardian 1.4-Update
-Integrated QT Components 1.1 (For backward compatibility with some apps)
-New: * Flash & UDA Integrated Tool
Fix-permanent opening from weather app widget
-New: StileOrologioFlip.sis in E: \ Tools \
patch-Added: ReadCRoot (System Folder from C in the FileManager )
-Update: StileToggleWidgets.sis in E: \ Tools \
UDA * Tool: Allows you to perform the Backup UDA (All files included in the CFW C during the flash) and restore it after the hardreset.
Fix Photo-Video-Editor
-Improved system stability
-Better management GUI
-Fix USB Connection (Only En version)
-Fix Equalizer Presets
Remote Lock-Fix
-Fix language selection issue in Xplore
4.1-Update Guardian
-integrated QT Components 1.1 (Backward compatibility with some apps)
-New: * UDA & Tool integrated Flash
-New: FlipClockStyle.sis in E: \ Tool \
Fix-opening Weather Widget App from
New-patches added: ReadCRoot (Read the system folder from C in FileManager)
-Update: ToggleWidgetsStyle.sis in E: \ Tools \
UDA * Tool: With this tool it's possible to make a Backup of User Content Package or UDA (All files of CFW During flash inserted in C) and restore it after the Hard Reset.

You can download the new version from the official site.

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