Sunday, September 9, 2012

Galaxy S3: ROMOW V 7.1 Jelly Bean DLI 3 (Update DLI 4)


  • Base: DLI3
  • Android 4.1.1 Jelly bean
  • Deodexed
  • Zipaligned
  • ROOT permissions
  • Adding the application SuperSU Chainfire
  • 9.png optimized
  • BootAnimation Nexus
  • Framework-res optimized
  • Optimized RAM
  • Resize the icons in the Status Bar
  • Power extended Menu
  • Added Bravia Engine
  • FIX Market
  • FIX Root permissions
  • Removed all Samsung apps
  • Removed the TouchWiz Launcher
  • Add Nova Launcher
  • Added Suoneri, notifications, Android UI Sounds Jelly Bean
  • Calculator app replaced with AOSP JB
  • Application Clock replaced with AOSP JB
  • Browser application replaced with AOSP JB
  • Music application be replaced with AOSP JB
  • SMS application AOSP 4.1
  • The default keyboard is the LatinIME AOSP JB (Removed that Samsung)
  1. Added the latest lib, etc and bin issued by Samsung
  2. Added modem DLI4
To install the update, you must first install the V 7.1

I added the FIX for SMS, unfortunately without the SMS application from Samsung you can only send and receive


  • V2.1 DLI 2.1 (UPLOAD)
  • Totally changed the UI, now the colors are more muted
  • Change the SMS Menu
  • Modified the Menu ' contact
  • Changed the settings Menu
  • Change Samsung app icons with AOSP
  • The notification bar icons in HD
  • Percentage battery
  • Transparent curtain
  • Removes the luminosity bar
  • Changed the whole UI buttons
  • The telephone keypad in HD
  • Changed the settings menu
  • Changed all PopUp Windows, now styled Jelly Bean
  • Most icons are sharp
  • 9.png in Ottimizatte the Framework and SystemUI
  • The bar is now in blue
  • The time and date in the dropdown menus are blue
  • More ...
  • First you must have the permissions of Root and a recovery alternative
  • Download and include in your memory/SD the GS3 Romow
  • Reboot into recovery (power on your phone by pressing volume up + Home + power)
  • Do a FULL WIPE
  • Flashate the ROMOW
  • Reboot (the first boot can take a few minutes)
  • Have fun
The procedure to install the theme is the same, skip the step of FULL WIPE


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