Monday, April 8, 2013

Silicon Image Ultra Gig 6400 WirelessHD– GDC 2013

By Ultra Gig 6400 from Silicon Image, we could try out  a transmitter module at GDC 2013, which installed in a Smartphone or tablet , can transmit data to a display (equipped with a corresponding receiver) at up to 10 meters.


Write us at prayer times and sisters in confidence: Who has ever connected his tablet or smartphone via HDMI to an external display? I imagined it!

The nonsense does make honest with nobody. Impractical, inconvenient, expensive (HDMI cable not grow on trees still) and not really what we wish us in 2013 really. Where are all the wireless HDMI and WiDi platforms?

Silicon Image has at GDC 2013 presented in San Francisco the Ultragig 6400 WirelessHD platform (then puts the smartphone or tablet) from a transmitter and a receiver is made, which is then pushed onto the display (or can be integrated in the future) . All the fun consumes a maximum of only half a watt and therefore above all less than any currently known smartphone screen.

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