Saturday, September 3, 2011

Android officially becomes pro Twidroid Uber Social

Twidroyd for Android has been one of the first Twitter client to appear on the Android Market. From the outset it was considered one of the best applications, and subsequently was acquired by the company UberMedia, developer of client UberSocial iPhone and Blackberry, also considered two very good clients. Now Twidroyd finally dies, leaving room for the new Android UberSocial. That is not really that new. There are indeed substantial differences between the latest version of Twidroyd and UberSocial, but they will come in the coming months. UberMedia also specifies the question of the free and Pro client fee: currently there are no differences between the two versions, which will come with future updates in the coming months. However, those who have purchased the Pro version of Twidroyd, will continue to use the Pro version of UBerSocial.

The nostalgic every way they can continue to use Twidroyd, still present on the Android Market under the heading Twidroyd Legacy (a version that does not receive any more updates).


UberSocial Androd for the following features:

     -Support for multiple Twitter accounts
     -custom notifications
     -View Conversation
     -Post to Twitter and Facebook simultaneously
     -Multiple Widgets
     -Retweet with and without comments
     -TMI Service / Twitlonger
     -Lists of Twitter
     -Integrated search capabilities
     -Tweet near your location
     -UberBar fully customizable
     -Pull-to-shake-to-refresh and refresh.
     -Opzionw Mute
     -LivePreview ™
     -New features such as ShrinkTweet, and Insert Symbol

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